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18 Jul 2014

“Talk With Your Health Care Team” Program Encourages Smoking Patients to Quit

By Karen Gutierrez & Shelley Hammond

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is expanding and renaming its “Talk With Your Doctor” pilot program to broaden its outreach to a variety of health care providers. “Talk With Your Doctor” was piloted in 2013 with two goals: 1) to motivate smokers to talk to their doctors about quitting, and 2) to equip doctors with tools and resources that would assist them in helping their smoking patients quit.  Following the successful launch, CDC expanded the program in July to include many types of health care providers, and the new program name is “Talk With Your Health Care Team.”

01 Jul 2014

10 Steps to Media Success—Part 2 of a 2 Part Series

By Dora Leonard

So, now that you’ve created your story idea, prepared supporting materials, and practiced your pitch, you’re ready to actually make the pitch to the media.

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