Member Spotlights

  • Pre-medical student spearheads bi-continental study examining youth tobacco use

    Suraj (Neil) Sheth
    United States

    Neil Sheth is conducting a bi-continental comparative study examining the socio-cultural norms and behaviors shaping youth tobacco use in Italy and China.

  • Pioneering tobacco control advocate receives honorary degree

    Judith Mackay
    Hong Kong

    Dr. Judith Mackay, widely known for her tireless advocacy for tobacco control measures, received an honorary doctorate from the University of Edinburgh.

  • Dr. Feras Hawari receives CTFK award for International Tobacco Control Excellence

    Feras Hawari

    Congratulations to Dr. Feras Hawari MD, PCCP for receiving the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids’ 2016 Judy Wilkenfeld Award for International Tobacco Control Excellence! As director of the Cancer Control Office at King Hussein Cancer Center (KHCC) in Jordan, Dr. Hawari plays a key role in advancing tobacco control as a national priority in Jordan.

  • Promoting the development of champions in tobacco treatment and control

    Cornel Radu-Loghin

    Cornel Radu-Loghin brings more than two decades of experience in tobacco control at the national and international levels to his role as Secretary General of the European Network for Smoking and Tobacco Prevention.

  • Excellence in tobacco control research

    Constantine Vardavas

    Constantine Vardavas University of Crete  Greece 07 Jul 2015 Dr. Constantine Vardavas is a Research Associate of the Clinic of Social and Family Medicine (CSFM) at the University of Crete, on the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Crete and also at the Hellenic Cancer Society in Athens, Greece. Dr. Vardavas focuses on the […]

  • Improving the standards of tobacco cessation intervention

    Nazeema Sheerin Muthu

    Nazeema Sheerin Muthu Freelance Research Consultant for Tobacco dependence and its treatment  Jordan 26 May 2015 Please share with us some information about your background: I got my Ph.D. in Translational Biomedicine, conducted my research at the neuropsychopharmacology lab headed by Professor Christian Chiamulera, who is pioneer in Nicotine Dependence Studies at University of Verona, […]

  • Working for a tobacco-free Jordan

    Lubna Awidi

    Lubna Awidi TOBACCO FREE JORDAN  Jordan 24 Mar 2015 Lubna Awidi Abbadi holds a BA in Translation and an MA in International Child Welfare. She previously worked at the UNU-ILI and the National Council for Family Affairs but is now a stay-at-home mother. She has volunteered at an orphans institution and Dar al Aman. She […]

  • Strengthening tobacco cessation capacity in India

    Rajmohan Panda

    Dr. Rajmohan Panda Public Health Foundation of India, Delhi  India 17 Mar 2015 Dr. Rajmohan Panda is a researcher with the Public Health Foundation of India, Delhi. His project, Strengthening Cessation Capacity in the National Tobacco Control Programme of India is one of 19 projects awarded grants through a partnership between Pfizer Independent Grants for […]

  • Developing a tobacco cessation training program in Latin American countries

    Cristina Martinez

    Cristina Martinez Institut Català d’Oncologia  Spain 05 Mar 2015 Cristina Martínez is an associate researcher with the Catalan Institute of Oncology in Catalonia, Spain. She is leading a project, ‘Development and Dissemination of a Tobacco Cessation Training Program for Healthcare Professionals in Spanish-speaking Countries’ — one of 19 projects awarded grants through a partnership between Pfizer […]

  • University-based TDT clinic sees success

    Zakiya Al-Busaidi

    Dr. Zakiya Al-Busaidi Sultan Qaboos university hospital  Oman 09 Jan 2015 Dr. Zakiya Al Busaidi, is Senior Consultant at the Department of Family Medicine and Public Health at Sultan Qaboos University. She holds an MD in family medicine, and PhD in Psychiatry, and is a Tobacco Dependence Treatment Specialist certified from Mayo Clinic. What is […]

  • Passion with a vision for a tobacco-free world

    Rakesh Gupta

    Rakesh Gupta Global Consultant, NCDs (Cancer- & Tobacco- Control)  India 05 Dec 2014 You transitioned from surgical oncology to public health. Why did you move into the public health arena? The move has been multi-factorial. It can be dated back to late 1987 following a return to my alma mater after two years training in […]

  • UNRWA’s efforts in tobacco control

    Akihiro Seita

      Dr. Akihiro Seita UNRWA  Jordan 25 Nov 2014   Dr. Akihiro Seita is the Director of the Health Programme (HP) and the World Health Organization Special Representative at United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), Jordan. Dr. Seita is responsible for UNRWA’s extensive primary health care system, serving more than 5 million Palestine refugees […]

  • Finding ‘what works’ to help more people quit tobacco

    Chris Bullen
    New Zealand

    Chris Bullen The University of Auckland  New Zealand 08 Nov 2014   You are the author of the only randomized trial comparing e-cigarettes to nicotine replacement therapy. Please tell us about this trial and the findings: We took an interest in e-cigarettes/ENDS when they first emerged on the scene in New Zealand in 2007, because […]

  • Advancing tobacco dependence treatment in the hospital setting

    Claire Gignac

    Claire Gignac Health Sciences North, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada  Canada 24 Oct 2014 Claire F. Gignac is an RN/counselor/trainer/educator at Health Sciences North/Horizon Santé Nord (HSN) — a research and teaching hospital — in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. Tell us about your background: I started my career in 1984 as a registered nurse having worked in surgical, […]

  • A career in tobacco control advocacy

    Thomas Glynn
    United States

    Thomas Glynn American Cancer Society, RET.  United States of America 09 Oct 2014 Thomas J. Glynn, PhD, recently retired from the American Cancer Society where held positions as Director of Cancer Science and Trends and Director of International Cancer Control. The American Cancer Society is a founding partner of Global Bridges. How did you get […]

  • A return to tobacco control advocacy

    Vinny McKee

    Karla Wysocki American Cancer Society  United States of America 26 Sep 2014   Please tell us about your work with tobacco control: In early 2000, I began working at the American Cancer Society in Iowa City, Iowa.  At the time, Iowa was presumed to be a state with tobacco control preemption (localities prohibited from passing […]

  • New chair of Global Bridges, NDC looks to the future

    J Taylor Hays
    United States

    J. Taylor Hays Mayo Clinic  United States of America 12 Sep 2014 As the new chair of the Nicotine Dependence Center as well as of Global Bridges, please share with us some of your ideas and/or plans to build upon the good work done so far by both: The Mayo Clinic NDC will continue to […]

  • Juggling many hats to advance tobacco dependence treatment

    Emma Croghan
    United Kingdom

    Emma Croghan Division of PH and LS  United Kingdom 29 Jul 2014 Please tell us about your work with tobacco control/tobacco dependence treatment: I’m a Registered General (RGN), Sick Children’s (RSCN) and Specialist Community Public Health Nurse (SCPHN). I started out working in paediatric haematology and oncology with very unwell children and young people who […]

  • Using communications and psychology to advance tobacco control

    Mira Aghi

    Mira Aghi Advocacy Forum for Tobacco Control  India 11 Jul 2014 Please share with us an overview of your educational background: I got my PhD in psychology, specializing in psychometrics from Loyola University, Chicago. In addition I was trained in communication research and production by Dr. Ed Palmer, the vice-president of research at Children’s Television […]

  • Focus on tobacco control in Thailand

    Naowarut Charoenca

    Stephen Hamann and Naowarut Charoenca Faculty of Public Health, Mahidol University  Thailand 27 Jun 2014   By Stephen Hamann, MPH, EdD, and Naowarut Charoenca, MS, DrPH, Bangkok, Thailand Stephen Hamann is an international affairs consultant at the Tobacco Control Research and Knowledge Management Center and Naowarut Charoenca is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Public Health, […]

  • Advancing tobacco control in Georgia

    George Bakhturidze

    George Bakhturidze Tobacco Control Alliance in Georgia  Georgia 06 Jun 2014 Tell us about your background and work with tobacco control: I have been working in the field of tobacco control since 1999 when I was working in the Georgian National Counter Tobacco Center. At the beginning, I was the head of Programs and then […]

  • A passion for a smoke-free Jordan

    Larissa Al-uar Women Against Indoor Smoking in Jordan  Jordan 31 May 2014   A dentist by profession and a smoke-free activist by passion, Dr. Larissa Al-uar is the co-founder of Women Against Indoor Smoking, now called Tobacco Free Jordan. Tell us about your smoke-free advocacy work: Seven working mothers decided to take up the fight […]

  • Promoting women’s leadership in tobacco control

    Patti White
    United Kingdom

    Patti White National Institute for Health and Care Excellence  United Kingdom 17 May 2014 How did you get started with tobacco control? I had been living in London for a couple of years and had decided to do another university course (mainly because that is what I had been doing since I was a teenager […]

  • Making an impact in Taiwan

    Kuang-Chieh Hsueh

    Kuang-Chieh Hsueh Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital  Taiwan 04 May 2014 Dr. Kuang-Chieh Hsueh is the head of the Tobacco Cessation Clinic and an attending physician at the Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital in Taiwan. He is also a specialist of hospice palliative medicine. His work allows him to blend his interests in tobacco dependence treatment and […]

  • SRNT’s Jarvik-Russell Early Career Award Winner

    Megan Piper
    United States

    Megan Piper University of Wisconsin Center for Tobacco Research and Intervention  United States of America 25 Apr 2014 Please tell us about your work. The focus of my research is on helping people to stop smoking. A lot of what we at the University of Wisconsin Center for Tobacco Research and Intervention do is to […]