Electronic Cigarettes: Miracle or Public Health Danger?

By Thomas Glynn

Editor’s note: This blog post was adapted with permission from the American Cancer Society’s Expert Voices blog. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently announced that it is taking steps to regulate electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) as tobacco products. Regulatory agencies in a number of other countries have taken similar steps. E-cigarettes resemble a standard […]


Do We Know Enough About Water Pipe Smoking?

By Omar El Shahawy

Is water pipe smoking more harmful than other forms of tobacco use? How much nicotine does it deliver? Do we need more evidence to start fighting it globally? These questions have been circling in the tobacco control arena for some time. The water pipe (also known as a shisha, goza or hubbly bubbly) is a […]


Cancer Awareness Workshop for the Media

By Global Bridges EMR

(Amman, Jordan) The Cancer Control Office (CCO) at King Hussein Cancer Center (KHCC) held a workshop entitled: Media and the Awareness about Cancer. Believing in media’s reach within the community and its integral role in cancer control, CCO held the workshop to strengthen the partnership and further communication with Jordanian media. The workshop also discussed […]


Global Smoke-free Worksite Challenge Debuts

By Global Bridges

“This is historic,” said U.S. Assistant Secretary of Health Howard Koh.  “As a physician it is a source of anguish to see your patients suffering avoidable suffering, and dying avoidable deaths.” The Global Smoke-free Worksite Challenge, announced Wednesday at the Clinton Global Initiative in New York, invites employers to protect their employees from the harms […]